Grace Christian Center offers affordable Christian education for grades pre K4 – 12th. For more information please CALL (832) 340-8879.

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Tuition and Fees Annual Tuition and Payments
$3000 K4-12 (Annual tuition) Annual tuition may be paid in full by the first day of school or broken down into 10 monthly payments. First tuition payment ($300) is begun on August 1, the last payment being due May 1 of the following year. 
Book Fees
varies by grade level – see school for price
Other Fees
Non-refundable Registration Fee – $300 per studenT


Academic Goals

  • Enable students to develop creative thinking and critical thinking skills in academic subjects using the Bible as their standard of faith.
  • Recognize and develop the individual personality, intellectual abilities, and unique gifts and talents of each student.
  • Help each student use appropriate effort to reach his or her full academic maximum.
  • Teach students to develop and apply effective study skills and motivate them to pursue independent study in areas of personal interest.
  • Help each student gain a command of the fundamental processes used in communicating and dealing with others through subjects such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics and character building.
  • Teach students to reason logically.
  • Promote responsible citizenship in each student through the development of understanding and appreciation of our Christian heritage, our American Republic and our Western culture.
  • Provide adequate facilities, equipment, and materials for the educational process while avoiding unnecessary expenditures or any unsound financial practice.
  • Teach students the foundation issues and beliefs of the different worldviews present in our Western civilization.
  • Help each student develop his or her skills in analysis, synthesis, interpretation, and application to encourage intellectual growth and reflect in their daily lives in a Biblical world and life view.
  • Promote an appreciation for our free enterprise system of government,
  • respect for the property of others, the work ethic and honest business practices.
  • Instill patriotism and respect in each student for the freedoms we have, and challenge him or her to seek out his/her roll in preserving these freedoms.


Emotional & Social Goals

  • Help each student realize that he or she is a unique individual created in the image of God.
  • Help each student develop a sense of competence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude toward the opportunity and privilege of learning. 
  • Help each student realize there are consequences for actions.
  • Help children to have an eternal perspective in their approach to decision making.
  • Promote an understanding of time and the effective use of it.
  • Teach students to treat others with love and respect, recognizing each child’s unique heritage.
  • Help each student understand that he or she is God’s representative and has the ability and responsibility to respond in a Biblical way to situations and circumstances.
  • Impart Biblical attitudes in students toward material things.
  • Help students become competent leaders.
  • Offer the students opportunities to develop positive social skills and healthy friendships, learning to resolve disagreements in Biblical ways.
  • Instill in each student respect for the authority of the parents, school, and government.Encourage and provide opportunities for community service.

Spiritual & Moral Goals

  • Teach students the Bible is the inspired and only infallible Word of God.
  • Teach the basic doctrines of the Bible along with its principles and precepts.
  • Help students develop an awareness of God’s love and grace as revealed through Jesus Christ.
  • Help students develop a desire to know and obey God’s will.
  • Help each student acquire a sense of values and virtues such as honesty, compassion, self-discipline, courage, responsibility, respect of authority, loyalty, perseverance, hard work, courtesy, fidelity, persistence, and commitment.



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